Shop Monstera Karstenianum – SP. Peru Variegated

Based on our opinion that is one of the nice searching variegated plants, as the brilliant yellow variegation’s comparison will become sharper because it grows mature, in reality beautiful.

  • Common name: Monstera karstenianum ‘Peru Variegated’
  • Scientific name: Monstera karstenianum ‘Variegated’
  • Type: Epiphyte
  • Height: 15-20cm
  • Width:10-25cm
  • Leaves: 2-3 leaves



Shop Monstera Karstenianum – SP. Peru Variegated

Scientific name Monstera sp Peru or Monstera karstenianum
Family Arum family, Araceae (aroids)
Common names Philodendron Karstenianum, Epipremnum Marble Planet, Green Galaxy Monstera
Native habitat Probably Peru and Venezuela
Type Evergreen climbing hemiepiphytes
Size  20 feet (6m) in native habitat, 4 to 6 feet inside your home
Leaves Thick, leathery, oval to elliptical, puckered or bullate, glossy leaves deep green and light green variegation.
Stems Vine-like greenish stems
Light requirement Medium to bright, indirect light
USDA hardiness zone 11b to 12
Temperature 65°F to 80°F (18 to 27 ºC), cannot withstand freezing temperatures and it is not frost-hardy
Humidity 50%+ or above average but can tolerate slightly lower to average relative humidity
Growth rate Medium
Soil Well-drained, slightly acidic to neutral, organic-rich soils or potting mix
Watering Medium, letting a few top 2 to 3 inches dry before watering again
Propagation Stem cutting
Toxicity Toxic to humans and pets
Care level Low or easy

SP Peru Appearance and Description  – Monstera Karstenianum

We guess you are curious, and you want to know how Monstera karstenianum plants look like, i.e., their leaves, stems, and growing habits.

1. Growing habits

Monstera Peru is a tropical, evergreen climbing hemiepiphyte. It grows both on hosts as an epiphyte and as a terrestrial plant on the ground.

In its natural jungle rainforest habitat, this flowering plant grows as an understory plant (horizontally) or climbing trees. It has long, vine-like stems that resemble those of pothos.

One thing that distinguishes it from other Monsteras is the lack of adult fenestrated leaves i.e., its leaves remain the same or slightly larger.

Finally, Monstera Peru has a medium growth rate. And this growth rate is greatly influenced by light, a place to climb, light, soil, and other growing conditions.

2. Size

Monstera Peru can grow up to 20 feet (6m) long or more in its natural habit. Inside your house, expect this plant to grow up to 4 to 6 feet. However, if given a climbing place and ideal growing conditions, it may have vines longer than 6 feet.

Lastly, when compared to Monstera deliciosa, it is unlikely to take over your home as deliciosa does. Instead, it will resemble a smaller philodendron or pothos variety.

3. Leaves

Monstera Peru has oval to slightly elongated leaves. These leaves are heavily textured (puckered or bullate), glossy and deep green with medium to light green variegations or markings. Usually, they are dark green near their veins and medium to light green flecks or highlights on the surface, especially in the puckered areas.

How do they feel? They are rigid (stiff), flat, thick with a leathery texture. The ripple and corrugated surface appearance somewhat look like some Peperomia caperata or emerald ripple peperomia. However, the colorations are different.

That is not all. The leaves are not heart-shaped with a silvery sheen like the Monstera siltepecana. But they more puckered than Monstera pinnatipartita and slightly shorter.

Unlike what you would expect of a Monstera, mature Monstera Peru leaves are not fenestrated (perforated) and they don’t split, making this plant unique.

How big are the leaves? The Monstera karstenianum leaves are about 2 to 4 inches. But they may grow slightly larger if provided with a place to climb and ideal growing conditions.

Finally, the leaves have relatively shorter greenish grooved petioles.

4. Stems

Monstera karstenianum has vine-like green stems resembling some pothos or philodendrons. Also, they have aerial roots for anchoring to the host when climbing.

Usually, leaves are about 2 inches apart. But when not given a place to climb, leaves then to be further apart and fewer.

Where to grow Monstera Peru – Monstera Karstenianum

Monstera karstenianum makes good pot or hanging basket houseplants. Outdoors, you can grow them as a ground cover or let them wrap around trees or climb walls, wood fences, and so on.

We recommend having a climbing trellis, burlap-wrapped pole, and a moss pole for optimum growth and more leaves. However, some people love letting them cascade downward or horizontally on a mantle, tabletop, shelf, or desk.

When not given a place to climb, expect them to be leggy, have fewer sparsed leaves. Additionally, improper care and growing conditions will cause the same issue.

Monstera Peru care and growth requirement

These plants are easy to care for or low maintenance garden and houseplants. Beginner collectors, people without pets or children, will find them a perfect pick.

They can tolerate slightly below average humidity, require medium watering and indirect light. The rest of the care needs and growing conditions are much or less like other Monsteras.


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  1. LadyCraig

    Huge and happy!

    Very happy with purchase! It arrived a little damaged with a few broken leaves, but has recovered quickly! It has grown 3 new leaves after only 2 weeks. The plant is very large and healthy, immediately needed repotting and could easily be sold as 5 gallon plant.

    One person found this helpful

  2. Vic SanchezVic Sanchez

    Mona’s home

    This was my first time ordering a plant online, and I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous about it. I’ve heard of some bad experiences with the process and state of plants upon delivery, but I am beyond satisfied with the condition and delivery of “Mona”.The packaging was great. The plant could have been protected a bit more in the box, specially reinforcing the space above the plant in case it gets placed or stacked upside down. But overall mine arrived healthy and with minimal to no shipping damage.The scale was as described. It’s really healthy and what surprised me was the range of the sizes of leaves. The plant had some mature leaves already in its fenestration (holes form on the leaves) phase as well as teenage and small leaves. This is great for propagation and overall health.I will definitely consider and recommend buying plants online again, specially from this vendor.

    2 people found this helpful

  3. Carmy BenCarmy Ben

    Exceeded my expectations beautiful!

    The plant exceeded my expectations really. That is why I decided to write a review. I previously ordered a plant from Amazon and it had root rot and didn’t make it. I decided to take a chance ordering the Plant based on other reviews, the price and I have wanted this plant for a while now. My Monstera, arrived healthy with lots of new growth about to emerge. It wasn’t overwatered or anything. I am so excited to settle it into my home. For now I am leaving it in its container it came with, I gave her some water and will let her adjust now. I really liked the secure packaging and big box it arrived in. High hopes for my Monstera. Definitely recommended getting this!

    One person found this helpful

  4. L.CoL.Co


    What a beautiful specimen! I have been wanting a Monstera for over 2 years and have never been able to find one at our local shops. I took a chance ordering through Amazon knowing I could return if it arrived destroyed. But I was over the moon excited that it arrived meticulously wrapped and packaged and looks healthy and happy. Not 1 single leaf had even a scratch or tear! One leaf already has it’s gorgeous splits and there are so many baby leaves growing in. We need to transplant it in the pot still but I know he’ll be fine since he’s so healthy. Looking forward to watching him grow and thrive. Thank you American Plant Exchange, I will be purchasing more from you in the future!

  5. Vee

    she’s beautiful

    I am in love with my monstera. It is perfectly healthy and a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be which was a pleasant surprise. The price for this plant was perfect. I bought a much smaller monstera at my local garden shop for the same price so this was a bargain! I was nervous about ordering a plant online but it came very well packaged and it was clearly handled with care.

    One person found this helpful

  6. A.Samuel

    Loved It

    The media could not be loaded.

     I was really worried when I read a lot of reviews. But my first online plant ordered delivered perfectly.

    4 people found this helpful

  7. EvEv

    Healthy and Full Plant

    I was pleasantly surprised to find this plant in great condition! I had my doubts ordering online but it shipped quickly and arrived healthy and is a very full plant. It was packaged well with little mess removing from the box. The photo is the plant after about 2 weeks and is still doing well.

    2 people found this helpful

  8. OnelittledaisyOnelittledaisy

    Absolutely astonished

    I am absolutely astonished at how well packed this was and how healthy it was when it arrived.The price was so good and it’s Amazon (so we can always return it if it’s wrong), so we really had nothing to lose by ordering this plant. And to be honest, I was half-expecting it to arrive upside-down, with broken leaves, half-dead and with soil everywhere.But nothing of the sort happened.Firstly, it arrived the right way up, largely due to being very clearly labeled and being bottom heavy so it would be tricky to invert it. You’d have to be pretty determined.Secondly, the packaging was just….astonishing. It was so well thought out. I couldn’t understand how past reviewers said hardly any soil fell out. How could that be possible?? I realized how it was possible as I unwrapped the plant. They cover the top of the pot and around the base of the stem with bubble wrap, which they tape to the pot. It’s then wrapped in plastic, like a bunch of flowers you’d find at the store. And then it’s wrapped in brown paper the same way, allowing the plant’s leaves to glimpse freedom through the top of packaging. The plastic and paper are taped to the plastic pot so they’re not budging.And all this is in a very sturdy, tall box with a little headroom so the plant isn’t smooshed but not so much that it rattles around.There was lots of new growth on the plant. No leaves were damaged in transit, which, again, is just astonishing to me.There was a residue of some kind on all of the leaves, so I just wiped them off with a clean, damp microfiber cloth (brought back childhood memories of my mum sending me to do the same for her Swiss Cheese plant!).I am just so impressed by this plant. With this experience under our belts, we will absolutely order plants from Amazon again.Now we need to see about getting a pot that actually fits…LOLAmazon, we’re on our way over again!

    6 people found this helpful

  9. Cary Ralston Jr.

    Plant arrived in perfect condition.

    10/10I had never ordered anything live online before. I was slightly concerned by the negative reviews, but I have to say… I am very impressed. Plant arrived in perfect condition.

    One person found this helpful

  10. Anxious dogAnxious dog

    Great Value and Sturdy

    Arrived Alive even though it was delivered in a Missouri winter, un about 20°, obviously no one was there to receive it so it stayed out there for quite a whileAs you can see it is very healthy.Was a gift for my mom

  11. PS from Austin, TxPS from Austin, Tx

    Huge, lush, and healthy! I’m super happy!

    The media could not be loaded.

     I love my plant! It arrived on time and was well packaged. I could tell someone took much time and care to make sure it was packed properly. As a result none of the branches or leaves were broken or smashed. The plant itself is so much bigger than I expected. It looks super healthy and is lush and green. I wiped down the leaves and watered it as soon as it arrived. Upon inspection I did not find any gnats or bugs on the plant either. I am 100% pleased with this purchase!! Thank you so much for the care you put into this beautiful plant.

    4 people found this helpful

  12. Veronica Mars

    Big ol plant survives July

    This big fella came out of his packaging in the middle of July with barely a leaf out place. I’m surprised he handled his journey so well. His leaves are big and luscious but not split leaf. Maybe they split as they get older? I don’t know. He still looks great. I also bought a baby Monstera from this same seller with an equally pleasant experience. 10/10 would buy again.

    One person found this helpful

  13. Molly QuammenMolly Quammen


    Bigger than expected (that’s a good thing) Nearly 2 feet tall including the pot. The packaging was kind of beat up but the plant itself arrived undamaged. It has lots of different shapes and sizes of healthy-looking leaves, love it!

    One person found this helpful

  14. Pour Sip PaintPour Sip Paint

    Such a steal!

    It came while I was out of town, and I was nervous about unboxing it 5 days later. But oh my goodness he’s perfect. They did a fantastic job wrapping the nursery pot and the leaves, plus it came in a box with directional arrows to ensure it wasn’t set down wrong. The plant itself is incredibly healthy, has tons of already large established leaves, and SO much new growth. I can’t wait to see it grow to it’s full potential.

    One person found this helpful

  15. NA

    No damage!

    It came in very nice condition! It did not lose one leaf in transport which I was expecting it to lose something. It is very large and worth the money. I ordered in April while it was above 50f degrees. 3 gallon size.

    One person found this helpful

  16. JEP

    Gorgeous and Healthy

    I received this plant today and I’m very happy with it. The size of this plant is very generous for the price. The plant arrived well cared for, packaged, and healthy. I have never had a split leaf philodendron before so I’m am very hopeful that I’ll be able to keep it healthy and thriving. A couple of the new leaves on the plant already have splits! So excited!!!

    17 people found this helpful

  17. AutumnAutumn

    she is alive and well dahling!!

    first pic is when i first unboxed her.packaging was excellent! i’ve ordered a lot of plants online (i know some are skeptical but i’ve had great experiences!) and this one by ear was the largest and healthiest. she boasts her large split-leaves and now lays comfortably in her plant pot! as you can see i don’t have the greatest natural lighting but, she’s flourishing!!! that’s a clear sign of a healthy plant.there was some slight damage to a couple leaves, but i left them on there – it doesn’t bother me. and when i get her into her proper lighting, i’ll trim them and she will reproduce!

    3 people found this helpful

  18. Kerrey Jorgensen

    So Easy

    I had one before and it was just too big and it fell over itself constantly. This is small enough where it’s not falling over from its own weight but big enough to catch attention in any room! Easy to take care of too and ready to be put out right from the unboxing. They did a great job!

    One person found this helpful

  19. Chelsea R.Chelsea R.

    Very healthy plant, young but still a great deal

    Bought this for my wife, we already have several monstera to include variegated monstera, the maturity of the plant is offset by the size and amount of leaves we received. Yes it was an extremely juvenile plant but it was full and healthy, for the price we paid. I would buy more when they become available

    One person found this helpful

  20. Alissa G.Alissa G.

    This plant is fantastic!!

    HUGE 3 ft tall specimen that came safely to my doorstep in mid July! I’m very impressed with the lack of damage to my new greenbaby. I didn’t see any crawlers in the soil and most of the leaves look very healthy. There are a couple kind of pale leaves, but i think it will perk up after some water and sunshine 🌞Again, I’m extremely impressed. Thanks for the great addition to my collection!!

    2 people found this helpful

  21. C. ThompsonC. Thompson

    Beautiful Monstera!

    I was hesitant based on some of the reviews and photos, but took a chance since I had previously purchased a 6 inch monstera adansonii that was perfect. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed, the plant was healthy, strong and was delivered ahead of schedule. It was packaged so good, it about 7 minutes to carefully unwrap it. I would definitely recommend American Plant Exchange.

    4 people found this helpful

  22. Kindle Customer


    It came to me so healthy and full. A few months later and it’s still thriving. I even repotted it and it’s still doing great and putting out new leavesUPDATE: Unfortunately my plant got root rot within the 1st year. I tried to save it. Snipped away the rot, replanted in new dirt and pot, put it outside in indirect light during our hot and humid summer. Oh yeah, and watered it less. She came to me healthy and strong so I’m sure it was my fault. Still a good product, just have to be a good plant mom, lol

    2 people found this helpful

  23. TreyTrey

    Not as described

    I have purchased several plants from amazon and have been happy with them. This particular one, is not accurately described in this posting. It’s not a 3 gallon plant as pictured/ described and the plant is unhealthy. It has yellow leaves and appears to be dying. I do not recommend buying.

    151 people found this helpful

  24. Pdj


    The box arrived and was pretty beat up…I was totally surprised that the plant inside was perfect! They wrapped it well for travel and it’s beautiful…and big! I truly did not expect this to be a good experience, but it was better than good! It was great! Thank you!!

  25. Reece

    Beautiful and healthy

    This was much better than expected. Very vibrant and healthy plant. However, you’ll want to be present when it’s delivered. I picked it up off the porch immediately after it was delivered and the box was hot to the touch due to being in the delivery truck. It’s possible the plant would have wilted if it had sat on my porch in the sun for much longer. Looking at all the other reviews, it seems like a gamble if the plant will arrive healthy or not. However, at $45, I think it’s well worth it. The same sized plant I ordered here would have gone for well over $100 at my local nursery.

    One person found this helpful

  26. MoveSmarter

    Second purchase. Impressed with this plant company.

    I bought one last year and it did well. Indoor winter took some toll, so I ordered again. In meantime, I put first plant outside in low sunlight. It’s reborn, though smaller leaves. And now i have the fresh new plant to join it.As it’s summer I put the new plant outside after unwrapping. Leaves unfurl and get a good start before moving indoors. I’ve learned from first plant to do conservative watering; misting is ideal.You get a great looking healthy plant, well packed and the time saved is priceless. (I’m big city high rise, no car.)But use common sense – don’t order in cold weather.

    One person found this helpful

  27. Paula

    Beautiful plant

    My plant arrived in excellent condition. It was packaged so that even with ruff handling my plant was not harmed. It’s a larger plant than I expected which makes me very happy. It arrived in a timely manner. I am definitely buying more plants from American Plant Exchange

  28. Sakeena AliSakeena Ali

    Go for it!

    I was a bit apprehensive about ordering due to some of the negative reviews but decided to go for it. Im so glad I did! The plant arrived extremely well packed and was handled with the utmost care. The box was clearly labeled on the outside, the plant was wrapped in moistened butcher paper, the soil was secured with bubble wrap and the whole of the plant was wrapped and secured with taped plastic. My monstera looks nice and healthy and I couldn’t be more thrilled. If anything changes ,I will update my review but as of now, I am one happy plant mama!

  29. HH

    Worst online plant purchase ever!

    Worst online plant purchase ever!I really have never seen anything this bad.

    249 people found this helpful

  30. AkAk

    This is 3 months post-delivery! Loving it

    This was totally worth it. Better than my big box stores receive. It arrived as a large size, which was great. A little leaf damage, but nothing major. In 3 months it has taken off! I was skeptical about this plant in my dry climate. But it’s doing well!

    3 people found this helpful

  31. Amanda SlaughterAmanda Slaughter

    Gorgeous plant!

    Yes came very well packaged and looks beautiful 🤩 looks on new growth coming up! Very pleased.

    5 people found this helpful

  32. Jacqq YJacqq Y

    Happy Customer

    I’m so happy 😁 I received my plant in healthy condition well packaged.American plant exchange never disappoints

    One person found this helpful

  33. GottaCraftGottaCraft


    I can’t believe how nice this looks after being shipped! I researched different options on Amazon before purchasing since I couldn’t find a local supplier anywhere near me. So happy with the purchase! The plant looks incredibly healthy and has tons of little baby shoots coming out of the bottom, as well as 2 more mature leaves that are already starting to split! Best purchase. 🙂

    2 people found this helpful

  34. Courtney WrentmoreCourtney Wrentmore

    Beautiful & full plant

    This picture was taken after I repotted the plant & wiped the leaves with a wet towel…minutes after taking it out of the box! The plant is full and beautiful with new leaves and lots of large spilt leaves. The plant was securely packaged and arrived lively…despite being a day late and being delivered on a 90 degree day! I love this beauty, and it has well exceeded my expectations!!

    3 people found this helpful

  35. NikNik

    She was worth the wait

    Beautiful plant! Came 4 days later than the original delivery date but was worth the wait

    4 people found this helpful

  36. Christa J KushChrista J Kush

    Excellent Plant

    Plant came in excellent condition and is very mature for instant appeal.

    3 people found this helpful

  37. BreBre

    She’s perfect

    This beautiful plant came in healthy, moist, and with young leaves. Bravo plant exchange for packing this beauty so well. I will definitely order more as my plant family grows. I’ve named her Monti 😊

  38. Cathy Gjerde

    Beautiful, healthy plant!

    This plant is beautiful! It arrived healthy and has been showing new growth. I was definitely a little nervous about ordering a live plant to be shipped to me but am so very pleased with how healthy it is.

  39. Kellie IngallsKellie Ingalls


    This Beauty was delivered with care and packaged brilliantly. The plant is 24″ (above pot line) and leaves are shiny with lots of new growth. I’m very impressed as this is my first purchase of a live plant online. Looking forward to ordering more from them.

  40. Kimberly ScottKimberly Scott


    Big!!! Beautiful, healthy, tons of leaves and new ones sprouting. I love this plant. It’s done so well adjusting to the window I’ve put it in. Just perfect, I can’t say enough good things about this purchase!

    One person found this helpful

  41. PM

    Super healthy plant, green leaves…love it

    I am a plant lover and I wanted to add monestra Swiss leaves plant from long time. Based on the reviews, I ordered this plant and viola it is better than expected. It has been a week and I potted one a big pot. It looks healthy 😊

    One person found this helpful

  42. LaurieRLaurieR

    Just buy the plant and thank me later.

    I haven’t killed this yet! Arrived well packaged and rather fast. I was more than pleased with the size of this and immediately repotted the plant. I have it near a window that gets indirect light for most of the day and I have been watering this plant alternating Sundays (to avoid drowning the poor thing). It has grown quite a bit already and the holes are forming on the palms now. Really a beautiful plant.

    2 people found this helpful



    This monstera really went above and beyond my expectations. It’s important to note that I ordered in late April (during the growing season and when the weather in my area is warm enough for this to ship) and price was thirty dollars at the time I ordered. I am BEYOND pleased with this plant. There are so many stems and a plethora of both small and mature leaves and some recently put out leaves as well. The adult leaves are huge and this large of a plant is a great value for $30 with 2 day shipping. I was speechless opening it.That being said, there was a lot of dust and deposit (hard water, mildew, dust build up?) on the leaves so be prepared for that. I cleaned the leaves by hand with a paper towel, some water, and neem oil. Spraying would have been faster given the size of the plant. Either way, they look fine after cleaning. I did see one little crawly inside the pot but nothing I could identify as a common pest, looked more like a millipede… but it did get squashed. Some soil shifted in transit and uncovered some roots but I easily brushed it back on top of them. Nothing here affecting the health if the plant, but wanted to note because I see all of this as more than acceptable when an item is shipping from an Amazon warehouse. You get the convenience of fast and inexpensive delivery without the long wait times and shipping costs you see at many smaller mail order nurseries.TLDR; I’d order another one of these in a heartbeat–if I had more space!

    95 people found this helpful

  44. marisol strandmarisol strand


    Ok, so i was expected to get a three gallon monstera…instead I received a tiny 4inch potted plant. So kinda my fault, I should of read the print below mentioning they are sent out in this size. So I really think they should remove the 3gallon description. Nonetheless, I absolutely LOVE this plant. As small as it is, I’m sure it will grow bigger in no time at all. My plant baby is healthy, I will love her and enjoy watching her grow!! I still think she’s worth every penny!!

    48 people found this helpful

  45. Taylor LTaylor L


    I usually don’t do Amazon reviews. And I saw a lot of mixed reviews for this plant. So I was hesitant. But it came in perfectly. It’s beautiful and just what I wanted. It was packaged so well and very secure, leaving little room for damage to the plant. Even in a box for several days. Plant very lively and beautiful. Highly recommend. Will be making other purchases.

    One person found this helpful

  46. CR46941

    Beautiful Monstera

    Beautiful plant!! I ordered this in the spring and it came healthy and so much new growth! I definitely recommend ordering this but make sure you order when the weather is warm to endure a healthy plant when it arrives!

    One person found this helpful

  47. James

    Couldn’t Be Happier

    I waited a couple of months before writing this review just to be sure! I am totally satisfied with my Split Leaf Rhododendron! It arrived in great shape-on time, well packaged and in great health. It has thrived over these couple of months and is growing and sprouting new news even as we’re into the fall. I highly recommend American Plant Exchange! Nothing but superlatives right now!

    One person found this helpful

  48. MiddlenameshouldbeAmazonMiddlenameshouldbeAmazon

    Beautiful & worth it!

    It’s been about a month since my Monstera purchase. I’m extremely happy with the plant! I knew shipping across the country could result in some damage, but that’s the chance you take with any shipped plant. The two newest leaves did have some damage, but it hasn’t stopped them from unfurling and living their best life. Don’t tell my Calathea, but I think I have a new favorite plant in the house! 10/10! Looking for another spot in my home so I can buy another!

    3 people found this helpful

  49. Heather NeerHeather Neer

    So very happy!!

    She’s so pretty! I will admit I was a bit worried about my decision to buy a live tropical plant online in late December— since I live in Michigan. I was increasingly worried reading the reviews about how it came frozen.I was so amazingly surprised when I opened her up. She was clearly very much alive and packaged with much care. Some leaves are a bit curled, but I have faith that they will settle down once she is settled in her new home.If you are on the fence like I was, this is your sign to DO IT!!!

    One person found this helpful

  50. Staci pStaci p

    Exceeded Expectations

    This plant arrived in immaculate condition! I’m beyond impressed and so happy!! I was concerned being in transit for 3 days would damage the plant or cause it stress but everything was great. The way the plant was packaged exceeded my expectations. The nursery put was wrapped to keep the soil/roots safe and there was a bamboo rod keeping everything up right. The box also had a nice bright sticker stating it was a live plant. Pictures were taken immediately after unboxing the plant.

    One person found this helpful

  51. Kathy Pickett

    My New Addiction!!

    This company has sent me 2 amazing plants now. They package professionally and carefully so that the plants arrive in perfect condition. The plant I received is beautiful, healthy and the value for money is beyond what I could have found in any nursery!! I am now addicted to ordering from Amazon and specifically, American Plant Exchange!

  52. RachelRachel

    Beautiful plant to liven up the indoors

    The shiny green leaves are new ones that have unrolled since I received the plant. It’s gorgeous, it’s thriving, and I am new to being a good plant person. Don’t over water is my new motto!

  53. TamraTamra

    Beautiful intact monstera plant.

    BEAUTIFUL BIG LUSH PLANT! I couldn’t be happier. It arrived nicely packed and the plant is huge. Definitely worth the money. I recommend this company. I have ordered plants from many different sellers and by far this seller is the BEST!

    2 people found this helpful

  54. kat


    This was a gift for my daughter. I have been looking for one for awhile and couldn’t find one anywhere. Decided to take a chance on ordering from Amazon. It came very well packed and was beautiful!

  55. LouLou

    Beautiful and an amazing Monstera.

    The media could not be loaded.

     Plant arrived very well packaged and the quality is amazing. I would recommend this to anyone for themselves or even as a gift. Update 7-16-21 she is thriving and surviving. She is a beautiful addition to the plants I currently have. I have bought from this seller before on Etsy. If I could give them 10 stars I would.I just added new pics and a video to this beauty, she has two new leaves growing in. I am extremely happy with this purchase. When she arrived she was well packaged and arrived in excellent shape.

    One person found this helpful

  56. Keith

    Happy Plant Dad

    Was pleasantly surprised at the quality and health of the plant, was well packaged and healthier that anything I could have purchased locally!

    One person found this helpful

  57. AFieldsAFields

    Terribly Disappointed!

    Tha plant arrive with two leaves in tact. It was not a 3 gallon mature Monsteria deliciosa as shown!

    48 people found this helpful

  58. wendy

    This is a beautiful, healthy plant!!!

    It looks beautiful, is easy to care for, and arrived with a “plant warmer” attached on the inside of the pot! The best plant I’ve purchased from amazon, other than my zz plants and snake plant!!!

    One person found this helpful

  59. Kallie FrenchKallie French

    Love this monstera!!

    The monstera arrived quickly and well packaged, there was one large leaf that had some damage but it was rather minor and seems otherwise healthy. There was several neon stickers on the box informing of the live plant inside which probably helped make sure the package was treated gently, just in case. There was a bamboo(?) pole in the pot itself to ensure that if the box was turned upside down, the pot wouldn’t crush the plant. While nothing of the sort happened to my plant, it’s nice that such measures were taken.

    3 people found this helpful

  60. Megan Wade

    Very Happy

    I’m really happy with my purchase! I’ve had the plant for a few weeks now and although it needed some TLC when I got it (the leaves were dirty and needed to be cleaned) I love how big it is and it seems really happy and healthy. There were two new leaves opening up when it came and there’s already another one coming up now. Overall I’m really happy with my purchase.

    One person found this helpful

  61. KatieKatie

    Beautiful Monstrosity

    Update**one month later and I have four new leaves! So many fenestrations-still in the growing pot probably need to change soon. Watered probably twice or three times total. I mist her every other morning. The second and third pictures I took today.I ordered this April 29th and was a little worried about how it would look on the delivery date, today May 10th. It is massive. I took this photo after I wiped off the leaves with water. There’s some big curled leaves I will probably trim off but oh my! This thing is bigger than I expected and was packaged well with two bamboo sticks for support. I did notice at the bottom some fuzzy little weeds? I will investigate more on the repot but so far doesn’t seem to affect this bad boy!

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  62. Lisa Renee

    Healthy, Mature, and Beautiful – Well Packaged!

    I was not expecting this plant to be so full. It’s beautiful and more mature than I thought it would be. It arrived in a box that had a “live plant” sticker. We would definitely buy this again. It’s healthy, mature, and beautiful! It has many new leaves that have just started to unfold. Some of them are still in the process of unfolding. This plant exceeded expectations!

    One person found this helpful

  63. Elizabeth J. Bousquet

    Great plants , looking for more

    I was worried the plants would arrive with broken stems, dirt all over, or yellow from lack of sunshine. Both plants came in perfect condition and growing like crazy. So happy with this purchase, will order more without hesitation that are not available locally.

    One person found this helpful

  64. Samantha V.

    Better than expected

    Came better than expected. No soil spilled, upright, and very healthy. Only downside is I’m not crazy about how the leaves are growing out, they’re a bit tangled and wonky, but I’m going to tie the stray stems to the stake to help it grow more upright.

    One person found this helpful

  65. banabana

    Beautiful, healthy and happy plant

    The plant came healthy and well packaged. The extra care in packaging this lovely plant helped to get the plant in good shape and condition.I am excited to watch this plant thrive. The plant is good in size. I am pleased with my purchase.Thank you!

    2 people found this helpful

  66. Christine KurzChristine Kurz

    Pleasantly surprised!

    I wasn’t expecting much from ordering a plant online, but monsteras can be hard to find so I thought I’d give it a shot. It is beautiful! It was larger than expected, perfectly healthy, and packaged very securely. I will definitely order hard to find plants from this seller in the future.

    One person found this helpful

  67. sarahsarah

    Box was damaged but still beautiful!

    She’s beautiful! It came about 5 days late and the box was damaged at the top. The nursery pot was a little squished with soil out and about in the box… But after repotting it with a little love she’s beautiful!

    2 people found this helpful

  68. AJWAJW

    Beautiful, healthy plant!

    A lovely, healthy plant arrived ahead of schedule! It was well packaged, but still, they’re shipping you a plant, so there’s bound to be some dirt. Open it outside if you can (or if you’re in an apartment like me, open it on a hard floor that’s easy to sweep or vacuum.)Within 24 hours of unpacking it, it’s already starting to open up towards the sun. We replanted it into a large 14” planter pot so it has lots of room to grow. It stands about 22” from the top of the soil to the tallest leaf right now.I’ll update once it establishes, but right now, this looks like one happy plant!

    5 people found this helpful

  69. cherylcheryl

    I love it!

    I’m so happy!!!! Shipping took a little bit but that okay because the plant was in great condition when in arrived. It was packaged well in the box, no soil flying around it was perfect and well secured. My monstera is so big and and beautiful; it did come with some water or maybe cleaner spotted on the leaves but I have plant shine of my own and used that on it and now its so shiny and perfect. I was a little worried because about a week before I got this I received my pitcher plant I ordered on Amazon and I was less than impressed with that, so I was hoping my online plant buying luck wasn’t running out and it didn’t, I couldn’t be happier with this plant.

    30 people found this helpful

  70. Aidita FelicianoAidita Feliciano

    Montera plant

    My plant arrived on time, so healthy, shiny green, bigger than expected. Packing was well wrapped. So in love with this plant. Thank you @AmericanPlantExchange. Highly recommend. Planning to buy more.

  71. Kindle CustomerKindle Customer

    Beautiful Plant

    I want to start by saying I have ordered plants before online. Never feom Amazon though. I was a little hesitant but figured I could always get a refund if the plant wasn’t well. Again, being that this was an onli e purchase, I had little to no expectations. Plus I figured it would need some nursing considering I live in PA, where winter and spring coexist. I actually got my plant 3 days earlier then expect and I am in love. I am absolutely blown away at how healthy and full this plant is. I am beyond pleased with this purchase. I will be recommending to other plant lovers.

  72. chippy

    The Philidendron monstera tall plant-split leaf

    Beautiful plant. I really like it. I am sad one of my light green-leaf newborn plant leaf had broken off so I will put it some water and hope it grows a root. nice plant.

  73. Michelle HazelwoodMichelle Hazelwood

    Delighted to find Quality

    My monsters arrived well packaged, and delightfully quick, for both of us. Other vendors have undertaken to ship with 8-11 days travel time for even finicky ficus plants however this beauty arrived within 3 days. There was no loose soil inside piling on its leaves, which only required a light wipe with a damp cloth to remove dust. Its potbound and sending aerial roots out! I love it and am well pleased with it and the preparation for shipping was handled. I will be using this vendor alot in the future, if they continue their quality protocols. BrAvO!

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  74. Erin S.

    Looked great right out of the box

    Despite my cat digging it half out of its pot the day it arrived, this baby is flourishing. The packaging was protective and I’m really happy with my purchase.

    One person found this helpful

  75. Erika


    It exceded my expectations. Full, healthy, many large split leaves and many small leaves growing on the bottom as well. It was even an eco-friendly packaging, no plastic which I love! . There was only two leaves At the top that were damaged in the process but I think that is to be expected as that is more shipping and handling but the box clearly had fragile and arrow as to be placed upwards. The plant itself has over 20 large leaves though and more than 30 smaller ones so it is still beautiful for being shipped. The leaves had a lot of sprayed residue. But they were easily and carefully wiped with a bit of water. Wish I could add pics but can’t find option to add pic

    One person found this helpful

  76. JenniferTNJenniferTN

    Healthy, hardy green plant!

    This plant has done very well in my entryway and I don’t have much of a green thumb. It arrived last month in great shape, and has grown quite a bit just since its “adoption” into our home. The leaves are a beautiful green color, very vibrant. I’m pleased with this purchase!

    2 people found this helpful

  77. LisaLisa

    This Monstera has bang for your buck!

    This Monstera is huge and soo healthy…busting at the seams and ready to be split!! It is sooo full, Im soo happy with with purchase and will buy from them again!

    2 people found this helpful

  78. ReivReiv

    Absolutely beautiful.

    Arrived right on time. Packaged with such care, I was really impressed. My monsters is even more beautiful than the one pictured. I am blown away. Plenty of 1st and 2nd gen leaves and tons of healthy roots. I will be ordering from this shop again soon!! I think the only bad reviews would come from people who ordered during freezing months.

    One person found this helpful

  79. Kim FranklinKim Franklin

    Great purchase!

    I didn’t read the reviews before purchasing my plant and honestly if I did, I probably wouldn’t have bought it. My plant came well packaged, leaves were all intact, and the soil was moist.

    One person found this helpful

  80. M. TobinM. Tobin

    Huge, healthy plant for unbeatable price

    The media could not be loaded.

     If you’re debating on getting this plant, get it. I read a ton of the reviews and was hoping that my monstera would come as big and beautiful as some of the others I saw and my expectations were beyond exceeded! She has so many huge split leaves and new growth as well, I watched 2 leaves uncurl. The packaging was amazing and it shipped in 3 days. Once I repotted her she really started to open up, I’m so close to buying another – HUGE, healthy plant for amazing price!Update: I was so pleased the first time, but I hopped on this plant again when it went down from $44 to $30. It wasn’t as tall as the first and the leaves weren’t as large or mature but it was way more full and had about 3-4 new leaves sprouting. So happy again!

    2 people found this helpful

  81. Miles B. Free

    Great quality plants

    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the plants – I figured they would arrive 3/4 dead from shipping and have to be nursed back to health. Plants arrived very healthy and have done even better after I planted them.I could not find these locally so took a flyer on mail ordering them. Glad I did.

    One person found this helpful

  82. iheartartshopsiheartartshops


    The 3 gallon Monstera plant arrived in far better condition than expected- she’s perfect! There is even one new leaf growing & she sits a little over 2 ft tall from the floor to tip of tallest leaf. I had to wipe some dirt/dust off of the leaves gently, but other than that she’s perfect! I’ll definitely be ordering more plants.

    2 people found this helpful

  83. WhitneyWhitney


    JUST WOW!! I was expecting it to be very small and have to grow more but NO! IT IS AWESOME AND IN SUCH GOOD HEALTH! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

  84. Colleen MorganColleen Morgan

    Beyond Impressed!!!

    I received my plant about an hour ago. It was packaged very, very well! I unpacked it and immediately put it in a pot with soil. I spritzed it and watered it and found only one leaf a little bent. I am absolutely shocked and impressed!! I will definitely be buying again from this seller!!

    One person found this helpful

  85. #1 Shopper

    Can’t stop growing

    This is a beautiful plant with new leaves growing in every week or two. Low maintenance foe low price. It’s amazing watching the big leave split open making it’s own identity. I would like to get another one but much bigger.

  86. PinkWarriorPinkWarrior


    It was my first time to order live plant online and very skeptical and nervous. But I still give it a go even after reading some bad reviews. I received the plant yesterday earlier than I expected and I was very happy! It was properly packed, handled very meticulously and the plant is very healthy! I will buy again on this seller!

    One person found this helpful

  87. Amazon Customer

    Great plant and value!

    I was so worried about what shape this plant would arrive in, but these people are pros at shipping plants!! And this plant was larger than I was expecting with new growth shooting out! Once I repotted in a larger pot, the plant was able to hold itself up instead of leaning as long as I keep turning it in the sunlight. I love it!!

    One person found this helpful

  88. Pretty-Pretty Princess


    Update: posted a horrifying review weeks ago, but can’t locate? Anywho, received wilted, and brown & black spotted plant. I figured I could revive the plant with some good old tender, love and care. After several weeks of doing everything to bring her back, something told me to check the reviews of others sho made the same purchase. BOY, I’M GLAD I DID!!!! Upon reading reviews, I noticed the same issues were stated over and over about roots being rotten. So I proceeded to check my plants roots & what do you know… ROTTEN TO THE CORE WITH MAGGOT INFESTATION. I HAD TO TOSS THE PLANT THAT I HAD TRIED TO BRING BACK!!! I believe the owners are aware of their products. Shame on you, poor integrity & ethics!!!

    75 people found this helpful

  89. Kelsey

    Homerun affordable plant.

    She is beautiful! Reading the reviews I was expecting a hit or miss. I don’t know if they’ve been reading these reviews and been keeping up with quality now, because they’ve really knocked it out of the park!! It definitely did not come in a 3 gallon pot, but I an transferring her into one because there is know doubt she will easily thrive and grow into one soon.

    2 people found this helpful

  90. Sally

    Probably the easiest plant I’ve ever maintained.

    I love having plants all over my house to bring nature inside, and this one has made a wonderful addition to my home office. It came very well packed, was easy to take out of the box. I was trepidatious about ordering a plant online, but couldn’t of been more thrilled when I opened it. The leaves give it an exotic look and I’m planning on buying another one next month. I appreciate the competitive pricing, comparable to my local farmers market but without the drive or crowds during this last stint of COVID going on. Need I say more? 😊

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